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Engineered Elegance

We believe elegance arises from good engineering and design. Our lights are built to last, using the best quality materials and manufactured to exacting standards. Attention to detail is a fundamental benchmark of our brand - every detail has been carefully considered to ensure our products’ quality and performance remains at its best for years to come.

Hand Crafted in the UK

Our Birmingham factory has been running for over 50 years. As such, we have a vast wealth of manufacturing and metal working expertise. We use traditional techniques alongside modern technology to give us further creative freedom with our designs. We meticulously undertake every stage of the production process - from processing the raw materials, to polishing and finishing, and assembly and wiring; meaning that we have complete control over the end product and ensuring our lighting is of the highest quality

Bespoke Capabilities

Having our own factory means that we can create bespoke designs, or tailor special edition versions or special finishes of our products to suit specific project needs. If you have a bespoke lighting requirement for a project email us with the details.

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